good for skin moisture food

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good for skin moisture food

Keep good skin condition in addition to pay attention from above, diet is extremely important. Here gives everybody a bit of advice: good for skin moisture food.

1) The water in the human body is content of 72%, adult body moisture content is 58% ~ 67%.When the human body moisture reduce, the skin is dry, the sebaceous glands is decrease, so that the skin loses flexibility, even appear wrinkles. In order to guarantee the water intake, the daily water quantity shall be 1200 ml or so.

2) Vitamin E plays an important role in preventing skin aging and keep skin exquisite and moist.Vitamin E can damage the chemical activity of the free radical, thus inhibiting aging. Vitamin E have effect preventing pigmentation. The scientists found that the generation of pigmentation is related to lipid peroxide. Rich in vitamin E have cabbage, sunflower oil, seed oil, etc.

3) Vitamin A, when the human body deficiency of vitamin A, the skin becomes dry, rough; If lack of vitamin B2, can appear quarrel milky white, lip skin craze, take off bits and pigmentation. Rich in vitamin A food have animal liver, cod liver oil, milk, butter, eggs and orange red of fruits and vegetables. Rich in vitamin B2 food have liver, kidney, heart, eggs, milk, spinach and lentils, etc.

4) The iron is one of the major components of hemoglobin in the blood, so should eat the food rich in iron, like liver, egg yolks, kelp, laver, etc.

5) Collagen protein can make the cell to become plentiful, so that the skin reduce wrinkles; Elastic protein can cause a person's skin flexibility increases, so that the skin smooth and elastic. Rich in collagen and elastin pig's feet, animal food is spell and pigskin, etc.

6) Alkalescent food daily life eat the meat, fish, poultry, eggs, grain are the physiological acid. Excess acidic food will make body fluids and blood lactic acid, uric acid content increased. When organic acid can't timely outside the body, it will erode sensitive skin cell, make the skin lack of delicate and elastic. Lost To counteract acid composition in the body, we should be eating some physiological alkalescent food, such as apples, pears, citrus fruit and vegetables, and so on.

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