Beautiful skin standard

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Beautiful skin standard

1) The skin clean, have clean feeling and feel fully. No sebaceous, dirt, dust adhesion.

2) The skin soft, have aesthetic feeling and smooth feeling. Delicate skin cell surface a lot of moisture.

3) The skin moist, have juicy warm and fat harmonious feeling. Sebum secretion is normal or not decided to skin moisture degree.

4) The skin tender, have downy and exquisite feeling. This is beautiful skin indispensable fundamental conditions.

5) The skin bright beautiful, have burnish and beautiful beautiful feeling. Health decided to skin gloss and color. If you have such a good skin, so you should pay attention to the following a few details to maintenance; If you do not have such good skin, that does not matter. As long as you pay attention to the following details, you will have such good skin.

1. To understand the nature of our skin: the state of skin for physical, environment and the different age, are different. We must fully understand the nature of our skin, and cooperate with various stages of the type of skin changes of the product type or the maintenance habits, such won't cause skin unwell, cause skin problems.

2. Don't often excessive massage: subtle facial massage of course is good, but the weight of the massage, speed, the movement direction, will affect the skin muscle of texture. wrong ways stru can cause wrinkles. Therefore, when massaging, must go down to the muscle fibers, downy and meticulous movement. Especially the skin around the eyes is very vulnerable, should be especially careful.

3. The skin fatigue should not be mask: when the skin under the hot sun exposure or stay up sleep deprivation, don't do mask, because it can stimulate skin, when skin fatig, it will cause skin burden, make facial skin stretched revved up. The best method is to use (liquid) essence, rapidly improve skin vitality and vigor.

4. Correct excessive wipe habit: the excessive of the wipe skin or with grind arenaceous cream to clean face, only can stimulate the function of the skin and weaken the corneous layer, make skin more dry. If after grind then make up water, stimulate more serious. In fact, thoroughly clean the skin as long as with a mild cleanser clean.

5. Don't extrusion acne and acne: extrusion acne can only leave scar on the face, processes is not good and even will cause cannot make up for hole and knot i You'd better keep the face skin is dry, is the best way to avoid acne growth.

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