Basic knowledge skin beauty

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Basic knowledge skin beauty

1. Epidermis

1. Cutin is the most outerlayer of epidermis, it is an important barrier of skin. With normal metabolism of skin, corneous layer cells will finally die and natural death fall off. But with the age growth, the metabolism ability of body become slowly . Therefore, the old cells will also piled up, cause the skin coarse, without burnish, and even a peeling phenomenon. At this time, will protect skin to taste with anti-free radical help skin appear delicate and bright state, prevent skin aging early.

2. The base layer is the most following of epidermis, on this layer has two kinds of cells in coexist, one of which is a basal cell, basal cell proliferation ability is very strong,they will unceasingly split, by a cell split into two, two then split into four, until the basal cells more and more, and they began to push up, the growth, constitute the spines cell layer, granular layer and transparent layer, layer. And then fall off naturally, such a process need to 28 days. Healthy skin should have good regeneration, but this function along with the age will decline, at this time,

we need to protect skin to taste to help with the skin. To protect skin melanin function and brown spots in the basal cells produce thinly spread between another kind of cells, that is melanin cell. The color of normal skin is connected with the content of the melanin cell, melanin cell can prevent melanin ultraviolet penetrate the skin damage to deep tissue.Skin become black after sun is due to skin melanin increase. But after the melanin generation, because the metabolism is not successful, plus no good to maintain, it's easy to create pigmentation, form splash. So we need to bring sunscreen products and whitening products to help melanin metabolization, prevent pigmentation.

2. Dermis

In the dermal layer of have a mesh layer structure, is comprised of collagen fibre and elastic fiber, loose structure, they mutual crisscross into a mesh structure. The mesh structure to support the skin, make a good solid degree and elastic.With age growth, and fiber becase brittle, once part, the mesh structure will collapse, cause skin wrinkles. This situation is not maintain article to recover, so we recommend such products to customers don't exaggerated product function, lest become dishonest sales. And for the skin a small fine lines, we call it expression lines, this fine lines is to belong to false wrinkles, is cause by the following factors: skin lack of water & fat and old cell accumulation.

The skin affiliated organs

1. The sebaceous glands

1) The sebaceous glands: in addition to the palm department almost throughout the body, so in winter, hand skin will be particularly dry, need to hand cream of intensive care. The sebaceous glands in eye around distribution are few, so eye is also need special maintenance, even more, around eye skin is extremely thin, it is easy to produce fine lines.

2) Acid sebum membrane formation: the secretion of sebaceous glands will form a layer of skin, the membrane is weak acidity, it is natural cream to skin, have very good protection effect. Why oily skin quality of people not easy more aging than dry skin of people, it is for this reason.

3) The antibacterial function of sebaceous membrane: weak acid membrane (PH5.2 or so) can inhibit microbial growth in the skin. Normal skin often parasitic organisms such various bacteria, but don't cause disease. Rely on the body's resistance and the integrity of the skin and acid membrane structure factors to maintain. When these factors destroyed, bacteria and microbes into the body can cause disease. So after clean skin work, the purpose of bright skin water is to restore the skin PH value, keep it in a weak acidity condition.

4) Acid sebum membrane prevent of lacking water: the sebaceous membran have function of locking the moisture, not make the water of skin loss to the air. And for the not complete sebum membrane dry skin, it especially added some grease, such as night cream etc.

2. The hair follicles and the capillaries

1) Face blister generation: the sebaceous glands aperture in the hair follicle, so, once hair follicles are blocked, sebum secretion will not be out, and cause acne and face blister production, therefore, keep clear of hair follicles.

2) Face blister scar: in the dermal layer have thousands of capillary, when we squeezeracne, it can lead to skin damage, bleeding.In fact, it has hurt the dermis, and in the dermal layer is no basal cell division hyperplasia to make up for the defect of the skin, so will leave

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