Which device can replace the manual cleaning?-Water and Oxygen jet

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Which device can replace the manual cleaning?-Water and Oxygen jet

What is Water and Oxygen jet?

H2O Care® is an effective acne treatment system, which mixes the water, medical oxygen and nutrition liquid completely, and in a speed of 300m/s sprays out and act on the skin. The mixture penetrates the epidermis into deep dermis with 50-80μm tiny granules and cleans the follicle and sebaceous gland completely.

As the dean of beauty salon, are you still worried about the management of the beauty technicians?

The cost of cultivating a beauty technician is quite expensive. Nowadays, most beauty technicians are generations after 90s, they have little burden coming from of family. Many of them don’t want to be settled in one place. They are eager for freedom. So if the beauty technician you have spent a long time on leave you, how do you feel?Even many clients run off with the departure of beauty technicians. As the old saying“people leave ,wealth scatter”.

As the public, are you still worried about the waste of cream?

Everyday we spend much time and strength on daubing cream on our face, how much it can be absorbed? According to the survey, the absorptivity of the cream is 1%.So much cream is wasted. In other words, the money is wasted.

Water and Oxygen jet help to settle the question above.

The unique H2O Care® Water and Oxygen jet :

Replacing manual cleaning, deep cleaning, oxygenating, moisturizing, treatment for acne vulgaris, base layer nursing.

H2O Care® water and oxygen pen is the patent of BodyTruth® Company. Its diameter is only 60-80um.

Promote the technological content and lessen the reliance on beauty technicians
It’s safe, comfort, painless, moisten during treatment. There is no side effect.
The effect of being treated by H2O Care® jet for 5 minutes is equal to 2 h of beauty technicians.

It is easy to be operated and you can witness the effect in a moment.

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