Laser Beauty Equipment Gives You a Chance to Cheer for Yourself

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Laser Beauty Equipment Gives You a Chance to Cheer for Yourself

In all ages, people have not stopped their pursuit for beauty. Owning the drop-dead gorgeous appearance of Cytherea and Cleopatra is every woman’s dream. The appearance which can’t be changed randomly is the precious present our parents give us. In order to satisfy our true love for beauty, we have to rely on hairdressing to decorate ourselves. As the saying goes “there are no ugly women only lazy ones”. Many people are too lazy to care their appearance, so they lose their chance to surpass the beauty of Cytherea or Cleopatra. But there is no need sorry for that. The laser beauty gives you the chance. Then in the following , we will learn about how the laser beauty make you be the “beautiful lazy woman” in terms of the classification, treatment theory and treatment scope.

Laser beauty équipement is divided into pulse laser beauty equipment, Q- Switched laser equipment, fractional laser beauty equipment or pixel laser beauty equipment. They can give targeted treatment to endogenous pigmentations (nevus of Ota, Mongolian spot, coffee spot, freckle and chloasma etc), exogenous pigmentations (tattoo and tattoo eyeline etc) all kinds of wrinkles, acne and facial skin rejuvenation.

Laser beauty equipment mainly produces photothermy, dynamic response and photostimulation to act on skin. Now let us have a look at its mechanism of action.

Photostimulation: Light with low energy irradiates to target tissue and bring some factor to produce quantitative change. The somatic function is changed and slight beauty effect is brought.

Dynamic response: Light is irradiated to skin, causing one or a series chemical reaction within organization. Then the diseased region is improved in the end.

Photothermy: When the temperature rises to 60 ℃-65 ℃, the collagen fiber can shrink to 1/3 of its original length and its diameter increased. But the integrity of the corresponding organizational structure is not affected. When temperature is higher than 75 ℃ and the time is long enough, it will cause the heat coagulation of organization. A certain amount of dispersed thermal coagulation can bring lasting and obvious skin reconstruction effect. When the temperature is higher than 300 ℃ and the time is long enough, it will cause the vaporization and combustion of organization, molecule decomposition and plasma formation, leading to the formation of tissue trauma and forming thermal desquamation.

Now that laser beauty equipment gives you the chance to be “beautiful lazy woman”, why don’t you catch it?

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