The common mistakes of laser hair removal

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The common mistakes of laser hair removal

All are anguished about the hot summer,but I love the summer longer”. The coming of the summer cheers up most of girls. They can need not to be tightly packed well, taking off the winter and spring clothes to “show” themselves to the fullest. But for many of the “hirsute girls”, the arrival of the summer is just the beginning of a battle. They try their best to cover their unwanted hair. For them, “the summer is too long”. In order to make their summer without regrets, they will try their best to eliminate overabundant hair. But at the time they are afraid of depilating overabundant hair will produce some side effects. They and their hair are keeping in love-hate relationship. Let’s analyze the problems often encountered in the process of hair removal one by one.

Will laser hair removal affect sweat? This question has been tangled all the time. Sweat glands are the “breathing channel” of skin, one of the appendages of the skin. Sweat glands are divided into big sweat glands and small sweat glands. Sweat is expelled from skin mainly by small sweat glands, which perspires sweat and its duct openings are directly on skin surface, not in the hair follicles. At the same time, the target tissue of laser hair removal is the melanin in hair matrix. So removing the hair follicle won’t hurt the sweat glands, so does not affect the normal metabolism and sweat human body. If you still don’t believe that, thinking about your hands and feet, they all have no hair, but they can perspire normally.

After laser hair removal, new hair will be thicker and blacker? Of course not, because laser hair removal mainly use selective solar-thermal to remove hair. When laser of particular wavelength acts on the skin, they can penetrate epidermis to the hair follicle and then being absorbed by melanin selectively to convert into heat energy. The hair papilla is destroyed and died in the end, which results in lessening nutrient supply for hair and preventing the regeneration of the hair, reaching the effect of permanent hair removal. After laser hair removal, there will grow some tiny fuzz which can’t affect the appearance.

Is laser hair removal safe? Laser has the characteristics of monochromaticity, specific wavelength can only be absorbed by the specific target tissues, and other normal organizations hardly absorbed the laser in this wavelength. So the laser directly acts on the hair at the root of the hair and other normal organizations almost not be influenced.

Through the above introduction what else are you worried about? Beauty lies in one of your choice, laser hair removal let you no worries.

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