HIFU Lifting System and Thermage: Which Is Better For Skin Tightening

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HIFU Lifting System and Thermage: Which Is Better For Skin Tightening

HIFU lifting systema nd Thermage are both non-invasive/non-surgical treatments focusing on tightening of the loose skin. HIFU has gained much attention over the past several years as the most innovative technology for skin tightening and lifting.

Thermage utilizes a monopolar radiofrequency technology to deliver heat to the underlying tissues. HIFU utilizes focused ultrasonic energy to deliver heat to the deep facial tissues to cause collagen production and ultimate tightening and lifting. Thermage uses what is known as bulk heating to tighten sagging skin, smooth wrinkles and stimulate new collagen production. HIFU offers the similar benefits but uses focal heating to concentrate deeper into the affected tissues. HIFU definitely delivers more energy and deeper. It is designed more for tightening of the deeper tissues as opposed to the skin.

HIFU is more precise and a better treatment for facial skin tightening than Thermage. Radio frequence is more diffuse and not nearly as precise as the thermal-coagulation obtained from HIFU.

HIFU is able to target multiple depths within your skin and causes micro-wounding. These depths can range from 1.5mm – 4.5mm. By being able to focus on multiple layers of the skin, HIFU will stimulate the generation of new collagen after just one treatment from the foundation of the skin all the way to the most superficial layer. Thermage does not reach the same depths as HIFU. Thermage can not do this, and can only provide some treatment of the dermis. In addition, usually a series of Thermage treatments is required to achieve desired results.

Thermage may work help reduce the signs of early aging, but HIFU provides an actual lifting of the skin, ideal for more than the face and neck. HIFU can be used to treat several cosmetic problems including tightening loose skin on brow and crow's feet, reduce lip lines, tighten skin at midface, jawline and anterior neck. Because HIFU targets deeper tissue levels, the procedure provides similar results as those generated by facelifts, but without any downtime.

HIFU offers a superior and more consistent clinical benefits as the ultrasound is utilized therapeutically as well as diagnostically where subcutaneous structures are visualized so that the energy is precisely delivered at its intended depth of penetration.

It also depends on HIFU is primarily used on the face and neck and does work reasonably well especially on the neck and higher. Thermage has been used more for the body and arm areas, but is more painful. Both show moderate results in younger ages with good skin tone. The HIFU procedure currently does not have a tip that can effectively treat the eyelid skin, although the company is working on that. Therefore, Thermage remains the treatment of choice for eyelid skin if downtime is a concern. For the body, the Thermage procedure is preferred.

Side effects are minimal with Thermage and HIFU treatments—you may experience some redness, bruising and other issues. Results and side effects will vary by patient. The HIFU treatments range in cost.

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