Why there is a tremendous difference in the price of laser hair removal

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Why there is a tremendous difference in the price of laser hair removal

The excessive hair in human body brings embarrassment to people, some even influence the normal life and work. The traditional methods of hair-removal are pain and almost ineffective. So laser hair removal becomes the popular way to help beauty lovers to torment themselves gradually. The price of hair removal is on agenda naturally. Why there is a tremendous difference in laser hair removal? The price varies with each individual. Generally speaking, the price of the LUXepil® hair removal is decided by several reasons, such as, the quality and level of hair removal machine, the clinical experience and skill of therapists, the hair removal position, the hair removal acreage, the treatment frequency etc. Let us to analyze the price of laser hair removal.

  1. The hair removal positions: The main positions of hair removal are face, oxter, backside, arms, legs, bikini line etc. The difference of hair removal positions results the difference of treatment course. Taking oxter hair removal as example, the treatment course is three to four times. As back and leg are larger in treatment acreage so the treatment time is longer and the price is more expensive. The hair removal refers to almost any positions, so the price can be imaged easily.
  2. The device: Different hospitals and beauty salons use different devices. Many professional standard hospitals and beauty salons use international advanced instruments to treat hair removal and get good effect. The price is high naturally. As the old saying goes the higher the price is the better the goods is. The true goods with super quality and competitive price are limited. Nowadays the most advanced hair removal machine is diode cooling painless hair removal machine. Having a good machine is the first step to treat hair removal well.
  3. Personal information: The condition varies from person to person .The difference of skin color and hair thickness result in the different treatment methods, of course the price of hair removal is different.
  4. The hospital and beauty salons: The hospital and beauty salons with enormous potentiality and specialists can bring better treatment in general. They are better than those small hospitals and beauty salons with not too impeccable facilities. Actually don’t think the price, it must be higher.
  5. Therapists: Generally, the therapist with abundant clinical experience and strong theory knowledge can not only bring good effect of hair removal but give sensible advice to clients, which should have better effect and higher price.

Diode cooling painless hair removal machine adopts sliding pattern, directly act on skin by treatment hand pieces, needing no epoxy resin. So compared with other traditional methods, diode cooling painless hair removal need lower operation techniques. By the instruction above, do you know which to choose?

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