The new type skin-cleaning device.the H2O Care

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The new type skin-cleaning device.the H2O Care

The new type skin-cleaning device.- H2O Care® is in its interview, which makes the beauty salon owners and beauty lovers have no worries.

What are the worries of them?

Skin is the door of human body. Doing well the cleaning is the first step to have spotless and flawless skin. Manual-cleaning is the most common method of beauty salons and beauty lovers. Beauty salons have the specialized beauty technicians to do skin-cleaning work. As for a beauty salon, cultivating a beauty technician needs high cost. The beauty technicians nowadays are most the generation after 90s. Pursuing freedom, enjoying not being constrained are their most obvious features. The beauty salon owners are at a loss only facing with the departure of beauty technicians. In addition, many customers have been accustomed to some beauty technician, once the beauty technician customers love leave, then her departure brings many customers away. As for the most beauty lovers, daubing much emulsion on face but have less effect, troublesome, taking time and cost a lot.

Why H2O Care® have so powerful function?

By forming the vacuum circuit, it combines the water bubbles with the nutrient solution sufficiently. Spiral suckers designed specially act on skin directly and keep the small bubbles touching the skin for a long time, then promoting the stripping of cuticle. Combining with sorption, the H2O Care® can clean the hair follicles funnels area safely and painlessly. In the end the hair follicles funnels area are full of nutrient substance and nourish skin in the same time.

What makes the H2O Care® receive favour from a superior?

1 .Not be bound by seasons. You can do it in any seasons. Treated by H2O Care® only for 5 minutes is equal to 2h skin care by beauty technicians. But the absorptivity is 5 times of the manual daubing.

2. .No side effects. BodyTruth® ultra H2O Care® is the first device of USA, which can be used to match with a variety of products to treat skin problems according to different skin type purposely. H2O Care® set cuticle care, cleaning maintenance as a whole to dispel the cumulated cuticle precisely without hurt the normal organizations.

3. Nursing is simple. The aqueous vapour grinding effect of the H2O Care® can dispel the dead cuticle and then clean the skin thoroughly, which have no any hurt on skin. There are no any taboos after finishing the treatment of H2O Care® and you can live as usual.

4. Low price.

5. Applications widely. It has good effect on acne clearance, skin whitening skin texture improving, deep cleaning and nutrient replenishment to skin, alopecia seborrheica, epifolliculitis and wrinkle reduction. In addition, it was used in preserved skin before surgery and the postoperative care.

6. Avoid cross infection effectively. We fit out 20 treatment head per device to satisfy the need of customers.

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