The differences between the common E-light and the E-light with OPT

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The differences between the common E-light and the E-light with OPT

If let us to choose the superstar of beauty machines, the E-light must be deserved. It is the most advanced comprehensive beauty machine combining hair removal, tender-skin, spot removal and anti-redness together, which leads E-light to be the favor of beauty salons. When you are buying one E-light machine one word is repeated again and again that is OPT the best LUXepil® SHR.

Why OPT can be the new selling points?

Compared with the common E-light, what advantages of the machine with OPT have? Let me analyze the specific difference of them.

At first, let us understand the functional mechanism of the two kind of machine. The common E-light outputs energy asymmetrically, which exists the condition of too high the first pulse and the attenuation of the other pulses. That is to say if one light shining produce five pulses, the energy mainly concentrates on the first three pulses, with the attenuation of energy the latter two pulses almost have no effect on treatment. But the E-light with OPT outputs the energy evenly, every pulse has the same energy, avoiding the energy peek of first pulse. Then every pulse has significant influence on treatment

What different clinical effect brought by the above differences?

1. The E-light with OPT operation security. Compared with the common E-light, the E-light with OPT avoids the injury for epidermis caused by the first pulse with high energy. There is no empyrosis and hyperpigmentation in the course of treatment. Combining with the epidermis cooling technique guarantees the treatment more effective and safer.

2. The E-light with OPT treats more comfortably. Because the energy was well distributed evenly, there is no too much stimulus to skin, which increases the sense of comfort in the process of treatment.

3. The E-light with OPT is more effective. There is no attenuation of the other pulses expect the first pulse, every pulse has good treatment effect on skin problems and reduces the waste of energy. In terms of the tender-skin, the effect of E-light with OPT is more obvious.

4. Simple postoperative care . Compared with the common E-light, the E-light with OPT has less trauma, which makes it easier to nurse.

The above introduction is the advantages of The E-light with OPT. Many manufacturers sell the common E-light under the name the OPT. When buying one E-light device with OPT please be careful.

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