How to select a good instrument with IPL

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How to select a good instrument with IPL

The IPL instruments on market are different in quality and function. Just like the cars have Bentley, Chaalis and BMW etc. Many beauty-lovers care more about the technique of beauty technicians than the equipment itself. In fact, the level of equipment is vital to the final treatment effect .So knowing more about the relevant knowledge of equipments is absolutely important to beauty salon owners and beauty lovers. Be sure spending on Bentley sits on Bentley rather than Chaalis.
An instrument with IPL can be indentified as a good instrument has high energy density, multiple pulses, long wavelength as well as skin cooling technique.

Let me introduce several programs in detail :

1.High energy density: The energy density decides the penetrating depth of light. The greater the energy is, the deeper the penetration is. The theory of IPL tender skin equipment is to heat epidermis then force the collagen in dermis to coagulate and stimulate to produce new collagen. In a word, good IPL equipment should desperate epidermis and the energy density reach 20-50J/CM2.

2.Multiple pulses and long wavelength: multiple pulses and long wavelength make the light act on deeper target tissue and bring better distribution, which appears no strong point and no epidermis injury. People with different skin colors can have more choices

3.Skin cooling technique: Light can act on deeper target tissue and hurt the epidermis hardly under the protection o f skin cooling. The best skin cooling technique –DCD, ice, epoxy resin, cold air blast and contact cooling. Sapphire cooling is the best way to cool skin.

Nowadays, the fourth generation IPL technology the LUXepil® SHR adopts OPT technology, which guarantees the good distribution of every pulse and avoids the energy peek of the first pulse and also the energy attenuation of other pulses. Compared with the common IPL equipment, these kind o f IPL equipments with OPT can protect epidermis more effectively and less pain.

On the market, there are common IPL equipment, high-level IPL equipment with OPT and the unique vacuum E-light, which one will you choose? If you are requiring an equipment with IPL the best LUXepil® SHR and interested in BodyTruth®, please contact us.

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