Does Ultrasonic Cavitation Work

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Does Ultrasonic Cavitation Work

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a body shaping procedure that involves ultrasound technology and heat. This procedure will not result in weight loss, but it could cause a temporary change in body shape. One clinic guarantees a minimum of ½" size loss after each procedure.

Ultrasonic fat cavitation has shown significant success in dissolving localized areas of fat deposits. Ultrasonic Cavitation utilizes ultrasound technology to destroy fat cells. As shortly as the energy is absorbed and the temperatures are heated up the fats is introduced, making it probable for the human body to eliminate it by all-natural suggests. The procedure is to be used by people of normal or near normal weight to reduce specific areas of fat storage – thus slimming the physique. Weight loss is neither the goal nor the result of this procedure.

In no way should this be perceive as a form of treatment to be the solution to all cases of excessive weight, however with continual and measured use, recipients have shown immediate and ongoing benefits in the treated areas by using Ultrasound Fat Removal Treatments.

Immediate benefits will include reduced girth in treated areas coupled with firmer skin. As stated above, the weight loss from treatment is associated with the patient's capacity to quickly metabolize the fatty acid and glycerol released from disrupted fat cells. Therefore to expect immediate weight loss from this treatment is unfounded, although it may be experienced on completion of your body's metabolic process after each treatment whilst adhering to the recommended advice.

The user benefits are primarily focused around the potential to expel excessive fat deposits in difficult to move areas due to lifestyle restrictions. This 'spot reduction' may now be achieved without having to greatly reduce your total body mass in the meantime. Common areas seeing measurable success on both male and females include the abdomen, upper arms, buttocks (inclusive of cellulite), and both inside and outside of the upper leg. Slimming of the face, neck, and jowls may also be administered although extreme caution is advised for areas close to bone, joints, and airways.

There are a range of machines available on the market, a range of non-invasive treatments including high-powered Radio Frequency (Mono-polar, Bi-polar, & Tri-polar, Lipolysis) plus Vacuum. When combined with Ultrasonic Cavitation this aims to immediately tighten the skin through strengthening and restructuring of existing collagen, reducing wrinkles and stretch marks, and lift sagging skin due to collagen weakness.

The overall success of our Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment also depends on the lifestyle and metabolic rate of each patient. When large fat cells are decomposed releasing glycerol and free fatty acids into your interstitial fluid, it is safe to assume that without the body's consumption of the glycerol and metabolized excretion of the free fatty acids.

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